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As Zen has taken root in Western soil, it has incorporated much of the attitude and approach set forth by Watts in The Way of Zen, which remains one of the most important introductory books in Western Zen. Review Text Alan Watts was one of the great teachers and philosophers of our time, and forty years after its About Alan Watts Alan W.

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Watts, who held both a master's degree in theology and a doctorate of divinity, is best remembered as an interpreter of Zen Buddhism in particular, and of Indian and Chinese philosophy in general. Standing apart, however, from sectarian membership, he has earned the reputation of being one of the most original and "unrutted" philosophers of the twentieth century.

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Watts was the author of some twenty books on the philosophy and psychology of religion that have been published in many languages throughout the world, including the bestselling The Way of Zen. An avid lecturer, Watts appeared regularly on the radio and hosted the popular television series, Eastern Wisdom and Modern Life, in the s.


He died in Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads.

High-Level Thoughts

After reading some books about Zen Buddhism, I got more and more interested in this ancient philosophy and the simple and practical methods it offers to get some more inner rest. Very soon after I started to practice Zen Buddhism, I found it to be a powerful stress reducer, and it showed me how to be alert yet calm under all well, most!

I want to share with you the things I have learned in the past few years. What has helped me in the ancient teachings of Buddha.

Zen for Beginners - Alan Watts

And the ways to use Zen knowledge in modern life. I want to do this in a clear and informal way and in true Zen-spirit: no dogma's and with a focus on the 'things that work'.

ZenBegin, Live your Life the Zen Way – The Zen Way of Live

You've come to the right place! What is Zen anyway? They belong to the whole of things and to each within the whole.

Mutual becoming includes shared feelings. Inter-becoming includes inter-feeling.

The Zen Way

Not only the blade of grass and the oxygen and microbes and sunlight and insect that it needs for its existence; but also the moods and feelings of other people, other animals, and perhaps Whitehead would add the blade of grass. The Me is Never Alone Peter Coyote's video focuses on the more objective side: the side of things that are understood and appreciated by a good ecologist, a good scientist.

And perhaps rightly so, because we live in a time ever so tempted to reduce the whole of life to me and how I feel about things. Especially those of us who live in the West are obsessed with privacy.

The "me" of Zen is not the "me" of this obsession. We discover this "me" quite deeply in our awareness of the more than human natural world. You'll sense it vividly and deeply in Peter Coyote's video. It is evanescent, impermanent, always changing, filled with events not things. It is a no-thingness.

The Approach and Intent of Zen | An Excerpt from The Rinzai Zen Way

Imagine it as an inclusive and ongoing event in whose life the universe unfolds: an ultimate instance of inter-becoming. No Fixed Selves Even this Mind cannot be clung to. It can be apprehended in faith, and trusted, but not clung to.

Zen Way Zen Way
Zen Way Zen Way
Zen Way Zen Way
Zen Way Zen Way
Zen Way Zen Way
Zen Way Zen Way
Zen Way Zen Way

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