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Armer published it in color in , calling it the sandpainting of the Pollen Boy who appears on the central blue square, west of the black circle in its center; the earth with the dark hole where the serpents live. To explain it she related a variant of the episode of Stolen by Snakes, in which Pollen Boy is the kidnapped child, Dragon Fly the monitor, and the grandfather rescues the boy.

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The same color plate was published by Berry in , but incorrectly assigned to the Mountain Chant. Another copy of it has been published in color as recently as A black and white reproduction has even appeared in the Boston Evening Transcript. Moreover, Mrs. Armer took two photographs of the Navahos making this sandpainting and these have appeared in her original article, in Berry's paper, in the reprints of the latter in El Palacio, and in two other stories about Mrs.

Armer's work, in Discovery and in Travel. All this certainly gives this sandpainting a world's record for publication!

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Expand collaboration efforts. The Cloud People keep always behind their masks. The shape of the mask depends upon the number of the people and the work being done. The Heash are clouds like the plains and behind these the Cloud People are laboring to water the Earth.

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Water is brought by the Cloud People, from the springs at the base of the mountains, in gourds and jugs and vases by the men, women, and children. They rise from the springs and pass through the trunk of the tree to its top, which reaches Tinia. They pass on to the point to be sprinkled. The Cloud People have ceremonies, just like those of the Sia.

On the altars of the Sia may be seen figures arranged just as the Cloud People sit in their ceremonies.

The Legend in the Cloud The Legend in the Cloud
The Legend in the Cloud The Legend in the Cloud
The Legend in the Cloud The Legend in the Cloud
The Legend in the Cloud The Legend in the Cloud
The Legend in the Cloud The Legend in the Cloud
The Legend in the Cloud The Legend in the Cloud

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