Supplementary Cementing Materials (Engineering Materials)

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Bahurudeen A, Santhanam Manu Influence of different processing methods on the pozzolanic performance of sugarcane bagasse ash. Cem Concr Compos —45 CrossRef. Constr Build Mater — Cem Concr Compos — In: Proceedings of the institution of civil engineers.

Materiales de Construcción, Vol 66, No 324 (2016)

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Chinese Construction Press, Beijing.

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Davidovits J Geopolymers: inorganic polymeric new materials. J Mater Educ — Concr Int 12 7 — Dewey G et al Municipal waste combustor ash as an aggregate substitute in bituminous mixture.

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Cement Concr Compos — CrossRef.

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  8. Pasetto M Cement stabilization of urban solid waste slags and ashes in road base and subbase layers. In: Symposium proceedings—recovery and effective reuse of discarded materials and byproducts for construction of highway facilities, October Cem Concr Res 27 1 :1—5 CrossRef. Purdon AO The action of alkalis on blast furnace slag.

    Ramachandran VS a Concrete admixtures handbook, 2nd edn. Noyes Publications, New Jersey.

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    Ramirez T Steel slag aggregate in bituminous mixtures-final report, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Ottawa, Canada, 21—23 Oct, pp — Roads and Bridges Fly ash sets standard for recycled material use. Robinson HL The utilization of blastfurnace and steel making slags as aggregates for construction.

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    In: Proceedings of the 11th extractive industry geology conference , 36th forum on the geology of industrial minerals, industrial minerals and extractive industry geology, The Geological Society of London, pp — Rodriguez D Application of differential grinding for fine cullet production and contaminant removal. Ceram Eng Sci Proc 16 2 — Resour Conserv Recy — CrossRef. Moscow, Stroyizdat, pp 88— In: Proceedings of the international congress on the chemistry of cement, Madrid, Spain, 3—8 July. Burgos, Spain, May 24—27 Schoenberger H Final draft: best available techniques reference document on the production of iron and steel.

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    Shi C, Hu S Cementitious properties of ladle slag fines under autoclave curing conditions. Concrete Construction — Complementary Specifications. Swiss Standard Method. Siddique R Utilization of coal combustion by-products in sustainable construction materials. Resour Conserv Recycl 54 12 — CrossRef.

    Supplementary Cementing Materials in Concrete

    Sideris KK Long term durability properties of self-compacting concrete mixtures produced with ladle furnace slag. Internal report of the laboratory of building materials, Democritus University of Thrace, p 75 in Greek. Sobolev K High- strength concrete with low cement factor. Sobolev K a Effect of complex admixtures on cement properties and the development of a test procedure for the evaluation of high-strength cements.

    Adv Cem Res 15 1 —76 CrossRef. Sobolev K b Sustainable development of the cement industry and blended cements to meet ecological challenges.

    Supplementary Cementing Materials : Rafat Siddique :

    Sci World J — CrossRef. Sobolev K Recycling of waste glass in eco-cement. For questions about using the Copyright. Finding similar items Read Online.

    Supplementary Cementing Materials (Engineering Materials) Supplementary Cementing Materials (Engineering Materials)
    Supplementary Cementing Materials (Engineering Materials) Supplementary Cementing Materials (Engineering Materials)
    Supplementary Cementing Materials (Engineering Materials) Supplementary Cementing Materials (Engineering Materials)
    Supplementary Cementing Materials (Engineering Materials) Supplementary Cementing Materials (Engineering Materials)
    Supplementary Cementing Materials (Engineering Materials) Supplementary Cementing Materials (Engineering Materials)

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