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A Browse Through My 2016 Nature Diary

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Merlin attacks a raven at Renews, NL, 10 July photo by Trina Anderson Last week in Newfoundland our birding tour witnessed an amazing bird interaction when a merlin attacked a big black corvid in the air. Overhead the merlin was tiny compared to the bird it attacked, so it had to be a raven. The black bird barely flapped during the interaction and it flipped upside down in flight see the last photo. Raven or Crow? Kate, we never saw who won.


It was the same situation. I distinctly remember drawing fanart of the titular monster as well at the time. It was… good. And just to touch on it.

In or so, I picked up the final instalment in the Batman vs Predator comic miniseries. As you can see: the Predator movies have been very hit and miss with me, but when I heard that Shane Black, the director behind Iron Man 3 and The Nice Guys a movie both the Azure-Winged Magpie and I put on our Top 10 of list , as well as an actor who had a supporting role in the original Predator was helming this movie, I was quite intrigued by the project.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

News of the reshoots emerged, including stories about how negative test screenings had made the team completely rework the third act of the movie. And I must admit, I just lost interest in the project. None of this sounded promising. The one being pursued launches some form of wormhole technology, and transports itself to Earth, leaving the pursuer in its dust. It crashes, but not before its pilot makes good its escape via an escape pod. Their mission is interrupted, just as Quinn takes out his first target, by the arrival of the escape pod.

Diary | Tim Girvin : Entries | Page 37

As Quinn and his unit investigate the crash site, picking up Predator tech along the way I guess the pilot left a door open or something , they are set upon by the Yautja hunter, who has already taken out one man quick work. Quinn manages to incapacitate the hunter with one of its own weapons before exiting the scene. As he runs off with some of the tech he has acquired — leaving the hunter unconscious at the scene — U. Brown arrives to clean up the scene.

  1. CABINET OF CURIOSITIES: A regurgitated corvid food pellet?
  2. 10/26/18 Diary: For The Birds.
  3. Country diary: corvids erupt from their knotted watchtowers;
  4. Quinn arranges to have the tech he has stolen sent to his family in the States before Traeger picks him up in connection to the incident in the forest, and it is at this point that we are introduced to some of our other characters. Dr Bracket is brought to a research facility where the wounded Yautja is being inspected. During all this, Rory has opened the box of tech that Quinn shipped out before he was picked up. Amongst the inventory are: a Predator mask, a new version of the cloaking device that the Predators famously use, and a gauntlet with a strange device attached — a device through which Rory has attracted the attention of the second Predator ship.

    In the midst of all this chaos, as the research institute is put under red alert in response to the appearance of the ship, the captive Yautja wakes up. It massacres everyone in the lab, even though Traeger and Bracket make separate escapes with Bracket displaying a very out-of-character familiarity with firearms. The Yautja tears through everyone in the facility, sparing only Bracket after tracking her down.

    However, instead of exiting the scene, they start pursuing the Yautja. In the commotion, the Yautja manages to neutralise the threat they pose, and Dr Bracket quite literally shoots herself in the foot with a tranquiliser round. And that is when the second Yautja ship arrives, and we enter the meat of the narrative.

    Fred Dekker and Shane Black have made some… interesting choices as far as the story goes. Choices I find quite unnecessary. Like the Xenomorph, I find that the mystery that surrounds the Yautja is central to the character. And that is where I must clarify something.

    Osprey Diary 10th August

    No lore. Just suggestion and innuendo would have worked just fine. And now, along comes The Predator could someone be a little more creative with the titles, please? Now, we have the Yautja talking talking! In addition, it also suggests that least the first Alien vs Predator movie might be canonical through an easter egg. I understand what Mr Black had set out to do. He had intended to change the face of the series and give it grounds for a strong push into the future.

    My Corvid Diary My Corvid Diary
    My Corvid Diary My Corvid Diary
    My Corvid Diary My Corvid Diary
    My Corvid Diary My Corvid Diary
    My Corvid Diary My Corvid Diary
    My Corvid Diary My Corvid Diary
    My Corvid Diary My Corvid Diary

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