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Here, b represents the base of the triangle and h represents the height of the triangle.

Unlike a variable, a constant is a quantity that remains same throughout and is usually a number. An expression is a mathematical phrase which comprises a series of mathematical symbols.

These symbols can be operations, variables, and numbers. The two prime building blocks of an algebraic expression are constants and variables. Any algebraic expression is created with a combination of variables and numbers using the arithmetic operations like subtraction, addition, division, multiplication, and exponentiation. The term can either be a variable, a number or a product of a variable and number with an exponent. Number part of this term is known as the coefficient. The coefficient can be any real number even 0. In case a variable has no exponent, it still has an exponent 1.

Ans: In the expression above, 24 is the constant and x is the variable since 24 is fixed and cannot change its value whereas x can be anything. Suggested Videos.

Introduction to Algebra

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RD Sharma Solutions Class 6 Chapter 8

Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Introduction to algebra 1. Algebra is the use of letters and symbols to represent values and their relations, especially for solving equations. If an expression has no constant, it is understood the the constant is one. Variables are used to represent unknown values. Variables are often represented by letters. Exponents are seen at the top of a variable. Exponents in an expression can be like or unlike. They also show how manynavycaria times the variable appears in an expression. If a variable has no exponent it is understood that its exponent is one, therefore there is no need to write one on the top of a variable.

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Introduction to Algebra Introduction to Algebra
Introduction to Algebra Introduction to Algebra
Introduction to Algebra Introduction to Algebra
Introduction to Algebra Introduction to Algebra
Introduction to Algebra Introduction to Algebra

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