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How To Get A Girlfriend Part 1. Meeting Girls

There are many interesting and must-follow ways how to win a girls heart. Saying lovely words is one of them. We would like to devote this post to useful tips and advice on what exactly you should tell a girl to make her feel special even at your first date. Is it your first date?

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Would you like to impress the girl or woman you really like? As they say, men love with their eyes and women love with their ears.

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This means that all women are happy to hear compliments, sweet words, and romantic phrases. But you shouldn't sound trivial and as if you tell all girls the same phrase.

You have to be sincere and show your curiosity. Here is a list of some sweet things to tell a girl:. If this is your first date, try to ask more questions and sincerely listen to her answers. Besides remembering sweet words for her, you should follow some other tips to win her heart and make her fall in love with you after your first date. Use a local dining and entertainment guide to plan your date. If your date is happening early on, check out bistros, coffee shops, mid-day concerts or museum times and shows.

If you have an evening engagement, check out restaurants or movie, theater or concert times.

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If you are prepared to explore one neighborhood in particular, you can spend more time on your date and less time traveling to get somewhere. Jot down the options in a mini notebook to stay organized. Pay close attention to any signals your date may be directly or indirectly communicating while you're on the date. If she is having a great time walking around museum exhibits, perhaps you might spend more time there then you anticipated. Or, if she decides that waiting an extra half hour for the movie that has really been on her to-do list is also okay.

You don't want to come off as rigid or as a man that lacks spontaneity. Being prepared and proposing a plan is impressive, but demonstrating the ability to handle the unexpected wins even more points.

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Do things, such as compliment her on something small, open her car door, help her into the cab first, pull out her chair, maintain an appropriate physical distance based on her comfort level and take the initiative when settling up the bills. Unclear gender roles can make gentlemanly behavior seem like a novelty in the modern dating landscape and your date will most certainly take notice of thoughtful gestures. She'll also help to set the tone or express her personal opinion on any action you take, but set yourself up to exceed her expectations.

Pay attention.

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Give your date full eye contact frequently throughout the night and be sure to bring up an inside joke or continue conversations that have emerged throughout the date. This is where self-confidence plays a huge role. Smile often and present a picture of a happy and successful person proud to be who you are. No matter where you go or what you do on the first date, having an enjoyable time with the person should be the first and foremost plan of action.

Candi Sterling is a writer and performing artist particularly focused on sustainable lifestyle, environmental issues and culture. A co-founder of Vysya Network: Business Development by Design, she acts as the lead writer for the project.

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Sterling is also an active board member of Art Boundaries Unlimited, Inc. Plan a date itinerary that gives you plenty of time to talk and connect with your date. Meet Singles in your Area!

How To Date A Girl How To Date A Girl
How To Date A Girl How To Date A Girl
How To Date A Girl How To Date A Girl
How To Date A Girl How To Date A Girl
How To Date A Girl How To Date A Girl

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