Devil Have Mercy: Hypocrite

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I have read of a prince that was of no religion but that which was for his own advantage, and which would advance his own interest. Truly there is no hypocrite that breathes, who does any good—but he has some carnal and selfish design in it. Job , "The hypocrite cries not when God binds him. A hypocrite will not acknowledge the justice and the righteousness of God against him; he will not cry, he will make no noise. Although God's hand is sore upon him and against him, he will not say, This is the justice and the righteousness of God; though God's hand be lifted up against him—yet he makes no noise; though God binds him and deals with him as prisoners are bound and dealt with—for so the Hebrew signifies—yet they will make no noise.

In Isaiah , "When your hand is lifted up, they will not see—but they shall see and be ashamed. He shall see! The battlements were to compass the house round about, to keep men from falling off; for among the Jews their houses had flat roofs, on which men walked, and from thence they called and spoke to the people: to which Christ alludes in Mat. The height of the battlement was not to be less than ten hands'-breadths, and it was to be strong, that men might lean thereon, and not fall to maim any. Take away her battlements, take away her succours, her towers, her leaning-places, for they are not the Lord's.

But why will God strip them of their strength, and supports, and leaning or resting-places? But how does this appear, that they have dealt thus with God? It is answered in ver. No harm will come to us; we will never see sword or famine. The Hebrew word signifies "to pain," to make sick. You have consumed them—but they have refused to receive correction. The word that is here rendered "correction" signifies both chastening and teaching, the one being the end of the other. Though my rod has been heavy upon them—yet they have proudly and scornfully refused to be taught by my rod; they have made their faces harder than a rock; they have refused to return.

Luke , "God, I bless you that I am not as this publican: I fast twice in the week.

Hypocrites are better at showing their worth than their needs; they are as notable at discommending others, as they are at commending themselves; at abasing others, as at exalting themselves; at lessening others, as at greatening themselves. They envy every sun that outshines their own. Let a man excel them in his enjoyments of God, in his communion with God, in working for God, etc.

Androgeus, king of Crete, was slain for envy. Just so, Socrates, who was the wisest man on earth, and in many moral excellencies did outshine all others, which the eye of envy could not endure. This occasioned him to say, "My accusers nor my crime cannot kill me—but envy alone, which has and will destroy the worthiest ever. Aristotle is said to have burnt and abolished the books of many philosophers, that he might be the more admired.

Just so, do hypocrites envy all who excel them in any spiritual or moral excellencies. There are divers other characters that I might give of those hypocrites who God is so severe in his judgments against, as:. Witness the scribes and pharisees. A sincere heart is like a dice, which is every way even, and, like itself, turn it or throw it how you will. But the hypocrite is like the cameleon, that changes his colours—now he is this, and now he is that; sometimes you shall have him an angel at home and a devil abroad, and sometimes a devil at home and an angel abroad.

Hypocrites are like Cicero: they will speak to please Pompey—and Caesar too. Hypocrites will rather use spectacles to behold other men's sins, than looking-glasses to behold their own, Mat. Hypocrites mind not Conradus' motto, "Observe all men's carriages—but especially your own. Hypocrites trade not with God upon the credit of Christ's love, blood, righteousness, and intercession—but upon the credit of their own prayers, tears, desires, and endeavors, Isaiah Hypocrites usually hold not on in religious duties under the lack of outward encouragements, and against outward discouragements, John ; Job Hypocrites are heartless in all religious duties, Isaiah ; Hosea ; Ezek.

Hypocrites are not only heartless in duties—but they are also partial in duties. The lesser duties they will do, the greater duties they will not do, Mat. Just so, Saul, Herod, Judas, and Pilate, etc. It shall suffice that I have named these things. The main thing that my heart is most upon is to present unto you those choice things that the great and glorious appearance of God against the hypocritical nation, and for your safety, does bespeak of you; and they are these—.

Oh bless that God that has given you life, when your enemies had passed upon you the sentence of death. Of all the mercies that you have had, is not this the most big-bellied mercy? Ah, the mercies which are in the belly of this mercy, the city mercy, the country's mercy, the family mercies, the soul mercies, which are in the belly of this mercy! Are not all your former mercies, and all future desired mercies, to be found in the belly of this mercy?

Besides, is it not an unexpected mercy? Your army at that time did not expect it until they were engaged; many of your friends here did not at that time look for it; and most men, when the first news of it came, could not believe it. And will not you be thankful for it? Was it not a mercy that came in after solemn appeals and prayers made to the God of your mercies, that he would deal with you according to the righteousness of your cause, and according to the uprightness of his people, who were in their sincere desires and endeavors, tender of his glory?

And will you not be thankful for it? Was it not a mercy given in upon the account of Christ pleading at the right hand of his Father, for those who were as sheep appointed for the slaughter?

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Has not his giving in of this mercy been a means to weaken the hands, the hopes, the counsels, the strength of your enemies? Has not the giving in of this mercy, given you a further and a greater advantage to honor God, and lift up Christ, and make sure of the things which belong to your peace, and to do good to the saints, and to serve your generation? Can you look upon it as clothed with all its glorious circumstances, and not be thankful for it?

O beloved, to have so great a mercy at such a time, when your enemies were strongest, and your army weakest, and under many needs, and trials, and weaknesses, etc. That worms and dead men should thresh the mountains, is a mercy which bespeaks the greatest thankfulness; and yet, oh how few are there, who return thanks to God for this mercy! Among the ten lepers who were cleansed, only one returned to give thanks—but were it not well if there were one out of twenty that in good earnest did return thanks for this so great a mercy?

A thankful man is worth his weight in gold.

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Most men in our days forget their own mercies. Too many are like Pythagoras' scholars, who speak not in five years, or rather, like the dumb man in the Gospel, they speak not at all. Many men in our days have a spiritual palsy in their tongues, so as they cannot call mercies mercy —but, with the murmuring Israelites, they call mercies miseries , and saviors destroyers , and deliverers murderers. When the Jews would not be thankful for mercies, the prophet calls out, "Hear, O heavens, and hearken, O earth," Isaiah ; and Jeremiah calls out, "O earth, earth, earth," Jer.


And truly if for this mercy you will not be thankful, I think the heavens and the earth, and the foundations thereof—will another day be witness against you. The manifestations of God in his providence are the most precious things in the world; and had we as many tongues as Argus had eyes, they were all too little to set forth the goodness of God for his mercy.

It was a good saying of Augustine, "If God gives prosperity, praise him, and it shall be increased. If God gives adversity, praise him, and it shall be removed, or at least sanctified. The elephant to turn up the first twig toward heaven when she comes to food—out of some instinct of gratitude: and shall not Christians be thankful for greater mercies?

When Tamerlane had taken Bajazet, among other questions he asked him whether ever he had given God thanks for making him so great an emperor. He sincerely confessed that he had never thought of it. Ah, it were well if we had none such among us, who never think of the great things that God has done for them!

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Beloved, God does expect that all his people in the land, should appear magnanimous for him. God does now expect that all his people should be taken up with those things that have most of God, and most of Christ, and most of heaven in them—and for these his people should be most magnanimous. Your feet should be where other men's heads are.

It was a good saying of one, "Great men should do great things, and count themselves nothing.

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It was an excellent saying of Pacunius, "I hate the men who are idle in deed—and philosophical in word. Ezra David, Lot, Solomon, and Noah, fell foulest after great mercies. Of all sins, sin after great mercies are most provoking to the God of mercy. O beloved, if God snuff with anger against Solomon, because his heart was turned back from that God, who had appeared gloriously to him twice, what tongue can express how the anger of the Lord will burn against you—if your hearts should be turned back from him who has appeared gloriously, not only twice—but many hundred times to you, and for you?

I beseech you seriously consider that great sins after great mercies will cloud the face of God, and make the greatest wounds in conscience, and embitter present mercies, and prevent future mercies, and cloud your evidences, and weaken your graces, and raise your fears, and heighten your enemies' hopes, and strengthen their hands; and therefore take heed of great sins after great mercies.

Boleslaus, king of Poland, when he was to speak or do anything of importance, he would take out a little picture of his father that he carried about him, and kiss it, and say, "Dear father, I wish I may do nothing unworthy of your name.

VATICAN Pope: the devil is strong with hypocrites, who have no mercy and are scandalized

God, by his owning of you, does with open mouth bespeak you to own him. Caleb owns God, and follows God in the face of all discouragements; and this was a praise and an honor to him, Num. The word that is rendered "followed" is taken from a ship under sail, which is carried strongly with the wind, as if it feared neither rocks nor sands.

Just so, Caleb followed the Lord in the face of all discouragements, without any slavish fears; and this was his crown, and for this he shall enjoy that mercy that most were shut out from. You for whom God has done such great things, must be resolved to worship none but the God of heaven and earth—come life, or come death. Thus did those worthies in Dan. And thus did Chrysostom, Luther, Calvin, Carraciolus, and Basil the Great, with many more—own Christ and cleave to Christ in the face of all discouragements. And why should you degenerate from their examples, which is your highest honor to follow?

Oh let not God have cause to say, "Lo, here is a commonwealth, that I have owned in the face of all their sins, unworthiness, and unrighteousness; and yet they have disowned me when troubles and trials have been upon them! I need not tell you that it was the custom of the Romans to reward and crown their soldiers for their good services—but because I understand your hearts have been and are drawn out this way, I shall say no more to this—but sit down satisfied, that you will honor those whom God has honored, and bless them whom God has blessed, though all the world should slight and curse them.

Oh do much for that God in a little time, who has done exceedingly much for you in so short a time. Time is a jewel more worth than a world. Time is not yours to dispose of as you please; it is a glorious talent that men must be accountable for as well as any other talent. Cato, a heathen, held that an account must be given not only of our labor—but also of our leisure.

You have no lease of your lives, and death is not bound to give you warning before it gives you that deadly blow which will send you to everlasting misery or everlasting felicity. Of all talents, time is the hardest well to improve. Chilo, one of the seven sages, being asked what was the hardest thing in the world to be done, answered, "To use and employ a man's time well. And it was a reproach to Artaxerxes, that he spent his time in making handles for knives. And it was a reproach to Solyman the great Turk that he spent his time in making notches for bows. And it was a reproach to Archimedes that he spent his time in drawing lines in the dust, when he should have been fighting for his life with his sword.

Ah, sirs!

Devil Have Mercy: Hypocrite
Devil Have Mercy: Hypocrite
Devil Have Mercy: Hypocrite
Devil Have Mercy: Hypocrite
Devil Have Mercy: Hypocrite
Devil Have Mercy: Hypocrite
Devil Have Mercy: Hypocrite

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