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Reviewed January 17, via mobile Great pint of Guinness! Date of experience: December Thank sbelmour. Reviewed September 16, via mobile A lovely visit. Date of experience: September Thank Happiness Reviewed July 14, Wonderful Irish pub.

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Thank ginspice. Reviewed June 30, Best little Pub in Ireland. Date of experience: April Reviewed February 27, Visit at O'Neill's. Date of experience: February Reviewed August 25, Friendly quaint pub. Date of experience: August Thank JerBu.

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Reviewed May 28, An unforgettable experience! Date of experience: May Thank julieame. Reviewed March 18, A welcome to your home away from home. Thank Joy S. Michael M C. Reviewed September 24, via mobile Great! View more reviews. Previous Next 1 2 3. Submit Cancel.

Is food served there? May 7, So it's a kind of--it creates its own reality. By being labeled high risk, you become high risk. If that makes sense. Russ Roberts: Yeah. So, that's a theory--right? It could be an opportunity if you spend more time with people who, instead of making you a more productive person in legal ways make you a more productive person in illegal ways when you do get out.

Do we know anything about whether that's true? It's a hard question to answer.

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Cathy O'Neil: There certainly have been studies to this effect. And, by the way, I'm not claiming that this is inherently true. I mean, it's theoretically possible for prisons to be wonderful places where people have resources and they learn--you know, they go to college and they end up, because they spent a full 4 years there instead of 3, they end up with a college degree. And it actually improves their life after prison. But the studies that we know about don't point to that.

Russ Roberts: Okay. So carry on. But that's a fact of--that's an issue of how, whether present sentences should be structured the way they are and whether prisons should be, what the experience should be like of being in prison. Some would argue it could be a deterrent effect; maybe it's not in practice. But how does the data part of this interact--the riskiness and the length of the sentence, to have a feedback loop that's pernicious? So, the scores themselves are calculated in problematic ways.

So the first thing to understand about these scoring systems is that they basically--there's two types of data that go into the recidivism risk scores. The first is interactions with the police. And the second is kind of questionnaires that most of these scoring systems have.

And then they use all of this information--the kind of police record with the answers to the questions--and they have a logistic model that they train to figure out the risk of coming back to jail. Russ Roberts: A logistic model is just a technical style of--an attempt to isolate the impact of the individual variables in this kind of setting: Come back or not come back. Well, it's actually a probability, but you have a threshold. I don't know the exact thresholds they set. Nor do I actually have a problem with using a logistic regression.

I don't even have a problem with calculating this probability. What I have a problem with is sort of interpreting the score itself.

GTA 5 (Destroy the O'Neils' Meth Lab) w/Live Commentary!!!

So, to be clear, if we have to take a step back and understand how data and the justice system works, and what kind of data we are talking about here. And so, you know, everybody who has been alive for the last few years, has seen, has looked around and seen all these , you know, black lives matter movement issues. A lot of--the Ferguson Report, the recent Baltimore Report, reported in the Chicago Police Department Commission Report--all point to police practices which, at the very least we can all agree upon are uneven. So there's much more scrutiny of poor and minority neighborhoods.

O'Neill's Irish Pub (Cascais) - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos) - TripAdvisor

There's just many, many more police interactions in those communities. Um, which leads to an actually biased data set coming out of that practice. So, I already have a problem with that kind of data, going into these recidivism risk scores. If--and I just want to be forward, I want to object. I want to make the point that if we were only taking into consideration violent crimes, I would have less of a problem. But we're not. We're taking into consideration a lot of things that we consider broken-windows, policing type interactions with the police. Cathy O'Neil: That's the stuff like nuisance crimes.

Like, having a joint in your pocket. Peeing on the sidewalk. Things that are associated with poverty, more or less. And things for which poor people are much more likely to get in trouble with the police than richer people or whiter people.

Close to You (The ONeils Book 2) Close to You (The ONeils Book 2)
Close to You (The ONeils Book 2) Close to You (The ONeils Book 2)
Close to You (The ONeils Book 2) Close to You (The ONeils Book 2)
Close to You (The ONeils Book 2) Close to You (The ONeils Book 2)
Close to You (The ONeils Book 2) Close to You (The ONeils Book 2)
Close to You (The ONeils Book 2) Close to You (The ONeils Book 2)
Close to You (The ONeils Book 2) Close to You (The ONeils Book 2)
Close to You (The ONeils Book 2) Close to You (The ONeils Book 2)

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