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We spent a month traveling after we graduated.

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We were tired of moving our stuff and I just wanted my bed, my things, and a routine by the end of it. I felt very tired!! Autumn I love this post!! I definitely struggle with this syndrome.

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Mexico is a cheap flight from here! I wish I knew my neighbors. I wish my parents lived close. You completely summed up my thoughts. This became so real for me as I was reading because I definitely struggle with finding that healthy balance between leaving and staying. Moderation truly is the key to everything I love how you brought that to light in this post.

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  3. HAPPIER (Important Book 1)!

Great stuff! Thanks for your sweet comment! It is definitely one of my favorites too! I definitely need to have some of those signs around my house too to help remind me!


I am always trying to book plane tickets to anywhere. I feel the same way!! We are always looking at plane tickets. I LOVE this post!

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I think so many people struggle with this. I think it is personally a-ok if you have never thought about moving.

Hello Autumn, I find your web by a comment you wrote in thehappyflammily. I think that the routine of going to the same work at the same hour every day, it is a challenge and away to learn about myself and change. I have to say that I live in the same city where I was born. Here we can study for free and the University of Buenos Aires has a good quality. I have a blog but I write in spanish.

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  • I think you can learn a lot about yourself through living out a routine as much as you do about traveling. Thanks for your sweet comment- Argentina sounds like such a beautiful place! Comments HA! Have a nice day! Well, parents have been living through their children since the dawn of time. Living in Beverly Hills is a challenge for both of them. Ann gets along fairly well at school, but her mother is insecure behind her brassy facade and afraid to go to the kind of posh holiday party that she moved to California so they could attend.

    She deceives herself about one-night stands, like a pickup by Dr. Josh Spritzer Hart Bochner , who is "more than just a dentist. He's writing a screenplay. Eliot's Four Quartets while jogging--always a good sign.


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    The movie's interest is not in the plot, which is episodic and "colorful," but in the performances. Sarandon bravely makes Adele into a person who is borderline insufferable. This isn't Auntie Mame, but someone with deep conflicts and inappropriate ways of addressing them.

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    And Ann is complex, too. The movie is narrated in her voice "mother made an amazing amount of noise when she ate, like she was trying to take on the whole world" , and her drift seems to be that her mother did the right thing in the wrong way for the wrong reason. When a family tragedy brings them back to Wisconsin, "the streets weren't as wide, the trees seemed lower, the houses smaller.

    Her big career break was in "The Phantom Menace," where she played young Queen Amidala, but her talent also glowed in " Beautiful Girls " , where she was just on the other side of the puberty line and vibrated with. In "Anywhere But Here," she gets yanked along by her out of control mother, and her best scenes are when she fights back, not emotionally, but with incisive observations.

    Here he has two good supporting characters: not only the poetry-quoting Peter, but also a cousin named Benny Shawn Hatosy back home, who is her best friend and soulmate.

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    These kids, and a richer high school classmate who is not, in fact, a snob, give the movie a reality; we sense teenagers trying to construct rational lives from the wreckage strewn by their parents. This message came to me from a reader named Peter Svensland. He and a fr

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    Anywhere But Here Anywhere But Here
    Anywhere But Here Anywhere But Here
    Anywhere But Here Anywhere But Here
    Anywhere But Here Anywhere But Here

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