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More About the Authors. John Sandford. He then spent four years at the University of Iowa, graduating with a bachelor's degree in American Studies in He was in the U.

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Army from , worked as a reporter for the Cape Girardeau Southeast Missourian from , and went back to the University of Iowa from , where he received a master's degree in journalism. He was a reporter for The Miami Herald from , and then a reporter for the St. Paul Pioneer-Press from ; in , he was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize, and he won the Pulitzer in for a series of stories about a midwestern farm crisis. From to the present he has written thriller novels. He's also the author of two non-fiction books, one on plastic surgery and one on art. He is the principal financial backer of a major archaeological project in the Jordan Valley of Israel, with a website at www.

In addition to archaeology, he is deeply interested in art painting and photography. He both hunts and fishes. He has two children, Roswell and Emily, and one grandson, Benjamin. His wife, Susan, died of metastasized breast cancer in May, , and is greatly missed. Back to top.

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One of the most singular facts concerning the geographical distribution of Enteropneusta has recently been brought to light by Benham, who found a species of Balanoglossus, sensu stricto, on the coast of New Zealand hardly distinguishable from one occurring off Japan. The merit and glory of that singular affair belong to Elizabeth alone.

In coloration it bears some resemblance to a chaffinch, but its much larger size and enormous beak make it easily recognizable, while on closer inspection the singular bull-hook form of some of its wing-feathers will be found to be very remarkable. It is singular enough that Glanvill who had not only shown, but even exaggerated, the infirmity of human reason, himself provided an example of its weakness; for, after having combated scientific dogmatism, he not only yielded to vulgar superstitions, but actually endeavoured to accredit them both in his revised edition of the Vanity of Dogmatizing, published as Scepsis scientifica , ed.

But it was in the application to mechanical questions of the instrument which he thus helped to form that his singular merit lay. The singular adaptability of the Portuguese language to poetical expression, coupled with the imaginative temperament of the people, has led to an unusual production and appreciation of poetry. He has, indeed, a system, but it is a singular medley of doctrines borrowed, not only from Saint-Simonian, but from Pythagorean and Buddhistic sources. Hetherington, and which he justified on the singular ground that "the vast bulk of the population believe that morality depends entirely on revelation; and if a doubt could be raised among them that the ten commandments were given by God from Mount Sinai, men would think they were at liberty to steal, and women would consider themselves absolved from the restraints of chastity.

Taken strictly his words state the position of extreme Nominalism; but even if we were not forbidden to do so by other passages, in which the doctrine of moderate Realism is adopted under cover of the current distinction between the singular as felt and the pure universal as understood , it would still be unfair to press any passage in the writings of this period.

His publications show him to have been a man of original and active mind with a singular facility in applying mathematics to practical questions.

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Tisza, a statesman of singular probity and tenacity, seemed to be the one person capable of carrying out the programme of the king and the majority. Other characteristic features are the use of the singular substantive after numerals, and adjectives of quantity, e. The lyric poems of Kolcsey can hardly be surpassed, whilst his orations, and markedly the Emlek beszed Kazinczy felett Commemorative Speech on Kazinczy , exhibit not only his own powers, but the singular excellence of the Magyar language as an oratorical medium. Fay's singular powers in this direction were well shown by his Jdvor orvos es Bakator Ambrus szolgdja Doctor Javor and his servant Ambrose Bakator , brought out at Pest in The long-sought cause of the "great inequality" of Jupiter and Saturn was found in the near approach to commensurability of their mean motions; it was demonstrated in two elegant theorems, independently of any except the most general considerations as to mass, that the mutual action of the planets could never largely affect the eccentricities and inclinations of their orbits; and the singular peculiarities detected by him in the Jovian system were expressed in the so-called "laws of Laplace.

The evidence of Peter Ramus on this point is interesting, but he gives no authority for his singular statements. A like deviation from the ordinary character is found in the allied genus Chiromachaeris, comprehending seven species, and Sclater is of the opinion that it enables them to make the singular noise for which they have long been noted, described by O.

A Singular and Whimsical Problem by Rachel McMillan

It is not surprising when these characteristics of Lamartine's work are appreciated to find that his fame declined with singular rapidity in France. The second great quality is the singular artistic skill and balance with which the Hippocratic physician used such materials and tools as he possessed. His results, nevertheless, were vitiated by being obtained in the interest of a theory, and by singular want of discrimination.

It was in this same year that he received the singular diplomatic mission to Frederick which nobody seems to have taken seriously, and after his return the oscillation between Brussels, Cirey and Paris was resumed. But there is immense wit, a wonderful command of such metre and language as the taste of the time allowed to the poet, occasionally a singular if somewhat artificial grace, and a curious felicity of diction and manner.

But even in these books defects are present, which appear much more strongly in the singular olla podrida entitled Essai sur les me urs, in the Annales de l'empire and in the minor historical works. Of singular interest also is his De exordiis et incrementis rerum ecclesiasticarum, written between and and dedicated to Regenbert the librarian. They offered a singular attraction to the Romans, and their presence in remote parts of the Mi nera country no doubt was often the principal cause of Roman S pr i ngs.

The dried dung of the llama taquia is generally used as fuel, as in pre-Spanish times, for roasting ores, as also a species of grass called ichu Stipa incana , and a singular woody fungus, called yareta Azorella umbellifera , found growing on the rocks at elevations exceeding 12, ft. From the sea, and especially from the magnificent harbour which faces the capital, the general aspect of Hong-Kong is one of singular beauty.

Real Grammar Quiz, Question 6: Is it OK to use “they” when referring to a singular person?

His gaunt features were beautified by an expression of singular force and benevolence. The most singular of the external appendages found in the Polyzoa are the avicularia and vibracula of the Cheilostomata. This book would have been astonishing as the production of a youth of twenty-one, even if, since the death of Byron six years before, there had not been a singular dearth of good poetry in England. It is a singular conception, and the results obtained depend largely on chance. What then happened was very natural: imitations of the old wares were produced, and having been sufficiently disfigured by staining and other processes calculated to lend an air of rust and age, they were sold to ignorant persons, who labored under the singular yet common hallucination that the points to be looked for in specimens from early kilns were, not technical excellence, decorative tastefulness and richness of color, but dinginess, imperfections and dirt; persons who imagined, in short, that defects which they would condemn at once in new porcelains ought to be regarded as merits in old.

The summit of Slieve Gullion is crowned by a large cairn, which forms the roof of a singular cavern of artificial construction, probably an early burial-place. His Menippeae Saturae, miscellanies in prose and verse, of which unfortunately only fragments are left, was a work of singular literary interest. This singular phenomenon is supposed to owe its appearance to an accumulation of gas, formed by the decay of vegetable matter, detaching and raising to the surface the matted weeds which cover the floor of the lake at this point.

It is singular that Joab is not blamed for killing Absalom, but it would indeed be strange if the man who helped to reconcile father and son 2 Sam. Here as elsewhere he had but one rule to guide him in matters of doctrine and discipline - the practice of Rome and the West; for it is singular to see how Jerome, who is daringly original in points of scholarly criticism, was a ruthless partisan in all other matters; and, having discovered what was the Western practice, he set tongue and pen to work with his usual bitterness Altercatio luciferiani et orthodoxi.

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But he acted with singular legerete with regard at all events to his assurances to Great Britain respecting the leases of Port Arthur and Talienwan from China; he told the British ambassador that these would be "open ports," and afterwards essentially modified thin pledge.

The word even occurred as a singular in the metrical romance of Octavian:" Ferst they sent out a doseper. The church of St James - also called Schottenkirche - a plain Romanesque basilica of the 12th century, derives its name from the monastery of Irish Benedictines "Scoti" to which it was attached; the principal doorway is covered with very singular grotesque carvings. Alexander was also an idealist, but his ideals were apt to centre in himself; his dislike and distrust of talents that overshadowed his own were disarmed for a while by the singular charm of Speranski's personality, but sooner or later he was bound to discover that he himself was regarded as but the most potent instrument for the attainment of that ideal end, a regenerated Russia, which was his minister's sole preoccupation.

In constituting the text, he imposed upon himself the singular restriction of not inserting any various reading which had not already been printed in some preceding edition of the Greek text.

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In many respects this species, the Tringa pugnax of Linnaeus and the Machetes pugnax of modern ornithologists, is one of the most singular in existence. The recent recovery of the Latin version is of singular interest, as showing that, even without the distinctively Christian additions and interpolations which our full form of the Teaching presents, it was circulating under the title Doctrina apostolorum? It consists of precepts relating to church life, which are couched in the second person plural; whereas The Two Ways uses throughout the second person singular.

The word itself in the singular came to be used in the general sense of "home. It is certain that originally each household had only one Lar; the plural was at first only used to include other classes of Lares, and only gradually, after the time of Cicero, ousted the singular.

What Is A Collective Noun?

The singular fact of the existence of animals so closely allied as the Malayan and the American tapirs in such distant regions of the earth and in no intervening places is accounted for by the geological history of the race, for the tapirs once had a very wide distribution. He had a singular faculty for reading the minds and the motives of men, and to this insight he perhaps owed the power of adaptability called by his opponents shiftiness which characterized his whole career. Sometimes, though not very often, the sections are in no proper sense essays, but merely commonplace book entries of singular facts or quotations, with hardly any comment.

Certainly the priestly writer who produced the latter could not have said that God modelled the first man out of moistened clay, or have adopted the singular account of the formation of Eve in ii.

The singular Colossus bridge, built in over the Schuylkill, a kind of flat arched truss, had a span of ft. But it was in Austria that this singular procedure was first brought to technical perfection; and it became an Austrian speciality. On the proposal of had helped her in the management of her most private affairs and had acted as an intermediary between her and her ministers with singular ability and success.

The end of his life was marked by singular hypochondriacal fancies.

A Singular Chance (Singular Series Book 2) A Singular Chance (Singular Series Book 2)
A Singular Chance (Singular Series Book 2) A Singular Chance (Singular Series Book 2)
A Singular Chance (Singular Series Book 2) A Singular Chance (Singular Series Book 2)
A Singular Chance (Singular Series Book 2) A Singular Chance (Singular Series Book 2)
A Singular Chance (Singular Series Book 2) A Singular Chance (Singular Series Book 2)
A Singular Chance (Singular Series Book 2) A Singular Chance (Singular Series Book 2)
A Singular Chance (Singular Series Book 2) A Singular Chance (Singular Series Book 2)
A Singular Chance (Singular Series Book 2) A Singular Chance (Singular Series Book 2)

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